Controlling internet communications. [Govt move]

Who will control Internet, Your govt?
Some time ago, while people were fully concentrated on the heated battle for the US primaries campaigns,

The US governement didn’t miss the opportunity to pass a bill to control every email or other digital data sent from or to the US.

This is a quite an outrageous measure but obviously our usual information channels failed once again to cover properly this very serious topic.

Early this month of october, the UK government said they are planning the same move as well.

Controlling every message Sent on social Networking websites, traditional emails and phone communication. Needless to cite them all but anyone with a basic common sense should feel concerned about these plans.

Technology will have probably its response to such intelectually advanced idiocies.

We have seen that before,

Wasn’t Peer to peer declared illegal in the past?

Technology has overcome this and responded, as a result we saw the birh of a new kind of a revolutionary technology:


They are thousands of them like that, I was wondering what could technology do about this pure menace of our freedoms?

This evening while checking my rss feeds, i saw that a coalition of hope is born.

The initiative comes from “Yahoo, Google, and Microsoft band together to protect human rights online”.

I’m more than delighted, I was not expecting these companies who actually hosts more than 95% of our virtual lives making such a move. I was instead expecting this reaction to be coming from digital freedom fighters and individual or organized hackers as we have seen in the past.

Thank you the Big ones!

Read more:

The project is hosted here:


~ by Anoirel S on October 29, 2008.

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